Happy New Year

I’m not big on New Year’s resolutions.  I’m either committed to doing something or not, regardless of an arbitrary day.  What I do like is the idea of beginnings.  These beginnings don’t necessarily have to be life changing but they must offer us the opportunity for renewal.  The start of a new year offers just that.  It might be subtle but it is a reminder that life moves forward and begins again.  This year when I look outside my window and shiver at -200C, my mind begins to retreat into the cold darkness of the Canadian winter.  However, with the year beginning again I celebrate that this season will end and bring with it the warm sun and much renewed life.

The celebration of a new beginning is also a celebration of an ending.  Regardless of whether we are counting our blessing or bidding good riddance to the year, it is a celebration nonetheless.  Do you notice that we tend to surround ourselves with people we care about?  As children we have simple celebrations with our parents and siblings.  As we get older we partake in elaborate celebrations with our friends.  I find that now, I have completed this circle by closing the year and welcoming the new year with my daughter and a couple of close neighbours.  I’d like to think that I’m more mature as I sip scotch in my cardigan and slippers but the reality is that I’m simply exhausted.

New Year’s Eve will always hold a loaded significance.  It was the start of a fairy-tale.  20 years ago I met my late wife at a New Year’s Eve party.  Admittedly, the beginning of each year is now met with mixed emotions.  I suppose it always will, but these are happy memories and were the start of our love story.  No matter how much you might want the current year to continue, at the stroke of midnight it ends and another year begins.  I chose to celebrate the past and gaze to the future.  I find myself in excited anticipation for the unknown of the coming year.  Much change is afoot for 2018!

New Years

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Michael Brunt

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