Drinking My Memories

Between Christmas and New Years I stumbled across a collection of long forgotten memories.  Most of these memories were made more than a decade ago and they have sat in a basement collecting dust.  I’m talking about bottles of wine that our family previously produced and gave to friends and family at Christmas.  In truth, I have seen them sitting on their static ledge numerous times over the last two years but quickly looked away as I hadn’t been prepared to engage the memories for which they embody.  For no particular reason, last week when I noticed them resting on a shelf in my dimly lit basement I decided they warranted closer examination.

I had no idea what I would find.  Pulling a bottle from the pile, I wiped away the dust to find a Sauvignon blanc.  A memory exploded into my consciousness!  My eyes widen as I remember bottling this wine.  It was the same year as we built our house.  I pulled another; the Valpolicella was the first red wine we made.  It was like Christmas morning and I was filled with excitement about what bottle I would find next.  The anticipation of what memories would erupt within me kept a brimming smile upon my face.  As I examined each bottle, it had its own story once celebrated, then forgotten, painfully hidden for a time and now fondly remembered.

But, what am I to do with the 14 bottles of wine I found?  Drink it!  Wait.  Does that honour the memories that they harbour?  I think it does.  Wine is made to be enjoyed!  Wait.  Will self-bottled wine still be good stretching back 19 years?  There is only one way to find out.  I inspect the colour and cork of a 12-year-old Chenin Blanc.  Seeming OK I get down to business and uncork it.  I reluctantly take a gently sniff, then a deeper olfactory evaluation.  The wine still seems acceptable.  Now the real test – a taste test.  Expecting a vinegar-like disaster, I wince as the liquid hits my tongue.  Astonished, I think about how lovely this white wine tastes.

Later that week, I opened a 15-year-old Chianti with the same dazzling results.  I don’t know if every bottle will be amazing but the feelings and memories encased within each vessel will undoubtedly continue to excite me.  I shamelessly look forward to drinking my memories.  I suppose I should also share them with family and friends.  Cheers!!!

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Michael Brunt

PhD | Science curious | Single dad | Animal lover | Motorcycle enthusiast | Traveller

One thought on “Drinking My Memories

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