Motorcycle Dreamin’

Last week I had a dream.  Not just any dream.  It was the kind of dream that was based in the mundane routine of everyday life.  However, it took an expected turn!  I dreamt about riding my motorcycle.  A vision like this is well understood by those riders out there coping through the long winter months of the northern hemisphere, restrained to our four-wheel vehicles.  I miss my bike!  In my dream, the temperature was similar to my last ride of season – cold.  I was riding a short distance from my house to the local sports complex when to my surprise it turned into a tropical oasis!  What-what!?!  The pavement has turned into sand and the main entrance had morphed into a rustic tienda with an ocean backdrop.  I was so excited!!!  My dream combined two things I love; Latin America and my motorcycle.  I was in heaven as I rode the beach for hours.

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Even when I awoke, the smile didn’t leave my face.  My fictitious ride was constantly lingering at the back of my mind causing me to grin but also ask some questions.  How many more months until I can ride again?  What trips can I fit in this season?  Do I need any parts before the season starts?  Actually, I do need some tires.  As you can imagine from my personality, I had completed all the relevant research related to the tires I planned to buy months ago.  The dream must be a sign that I needed to order them?  I accept that is a stretch, but I when my new tires arrived this week I saw in them miles of peace and solitude.  Again excited!

Riding the wave of excitement but knowing that I couldn’t ride yet, I went to YouTube and found an amazing video about a guy who rode from Connecticut to Panama and back again.  I enjoyed witnessing his transformation over the three months and 12,000 miles.  It was also quite nostalgic for me to see him experiencing cities that I have travelled in.  I remember army patrols outside Tapachula Mexico, the myriad of cities ending in –tenango throughout Guatemala and even the Mayan ruins at Copan Honduras.  The roads!  I will never forget how horrible many of the secondary roads are.  I had so much fun exploring those places and to relive some of those adventures through this video was cool.  While my riding itch has subsided for now, I think my daughter and I might need to plan a several month road trip one of these years.  Let’s say to Panama and back on some motorcycles.

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