Therapy Sold

This week I sold my motorcycle.  Listed for only 4 hours and now forever departed.  I have mixed feelings about it.  Actually, the feelings are not very mixed at all – it sucks!!!  I’ve really enjoyed my time on that KLR650.  Sigh… The last 2 years I’ve spend a profound amount of time riding.  Over 23,000 kilometers of reflective solitude.  Camping in half a dozen Ontario Provincial Parks.  Rapid adventures across 9 states.  Exploring the peaks and valleys though the Adirondack, Green, White and Pocono mountains.  Dipping a tire into the Atlantic Ocean and 3 of the Great Lakes.  I embraced the changing sights, the intense smells and the unplanned freedom to go anywhere the road or trail lead.

Monday afternoon I went for my last ride.  It was a familiar 100km route through the rolling hills and twisting country roads of Wellington and Dufferin counties.  I thought it might be tough to pick a playlist for this ride.  However, only one band came to my mind that captured the experiential process this was for me – Coldplay.  While I always listen to music while riding, Coldplay was the most frequent.  Their meditative style that continuously reflects upon feelings and emotions spoke deeply to me over the last 3 years.  The contemplative music mixed with the solitude of a motorcycle, generated a self-reflective therapy that may have saved my sanity at times.

In reality, this post itself is not about a motorcycle but a journey.  The bike is but a possession that comes and goes.  Numerous people facilitated my journey of self-understanding, reflection, growth and healing in unexpected ways.  Upon beginning this adventure, I didn’t expect that my KLR would also play an instrumental role in my psychological healing.  The time we have with our friends and family is so precious.  One doesn’t know when the last will be the last and we must strive to be open to the experiences that life presents.  I’ll leave you with my all time favourite cruising song.  It’s infectious beat and lyrics got me grooving as one with my bike every time.

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Michael Brunt

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One thought on “Therapy Sold

  1. Well I’m sorry to hear that you had to sell her. I haven’t asked but I kind of assumed that you’d have to. It was a long time ago for me but I remember how it feels with just the bike and the road. There really isn’t anything else like it. It’s a special place out of time.

    But, you do plan on getting another one out west? I mean, the mountains man. The mountains.


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