Passion Found

What does it mean when your child finds their passion?  As parents we all have 2, 3, 4 nights a week full of activities for our kids.  We run home from work, quickly get dinner and sprint out the door to sports or music, while hoping not to forget a skate or towel.  Always rushing, feeling like there is never enough time to complete what we need.  We hate it and love it all at the same time in an effort to expose our kids to as many activities as possible.  Ballet, soccer, guitar, swimming, skating, basketball, acro, etc – I’m there!!!  That said, I was overwhelmed last weekend as my daughter demonstrated to me her passion.

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At the age of 8 my daughter began to ride ATVs.  Since we don’t own a quad, I take her to SMART Adventures a few times a year to receive professional instruction.  It is a top-notch operation stressing safety and fun.  One thing that always stood out was that my daughter’s instructor was always a different young woman.  I’m not saying there are only young women instructors.  In fact, there are mostly men but they understand that in a male dominated sport, it was important to ensure young girls can readily identify with their instructor while feeling comfortable and safe in the training environment.  She always wanted to return as soon as possible, saving all of her money to contribute to continuing her training.

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Last weekend my daughter suggested that I receive training on the ATV as well.  This was a first for me and I couldn’t think of a better way spend a morning with her!  At the start of this post, I asked, “What does it mean when your child finds their passion?”  Let me tell you.  I saw a transformation in my daughter as soon as she started her machine.  She was comfortable, confident, relaxed, talkative and completely engaged at exploring how to improve her skills.  She could relate and see herself in the people she was riding and talking with.  My daughter found her people!!!  My heart swelled and my pride boosted as she succeeded at everything she did on the motocross track and the trails.

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I wouldn’t have seen this if I wasn’t an active participant with her.  I feel lucky she wanted to include me in her passion.  I do have to admit my mind was blown a bit as my daughter effortlessly drifted through the dirt corners and took more air on jumps than I was comfortable seeing .  So proud to be schooled by a passionate 10 year old!!!

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