Rather Be

The last several weeks I have been kept busy visiting friends for dinners or meeting colleagues for coffee.  Last weekend some friends hosted a neighbourhood BBQ to celebrate our families shared experiences.  I’m amazingly lucky but also find the juxtaposition of saying good-bye to people a little odd.  Don’t get me wrong it is exciting to be talking about the future, fondly reminiscing about the past but then at the end of the conversation to say, “Well, I guess that’s it.  Thanks for the good times.  See you when I see you again.”  Sure, we have social media but I’m a people person.  I derive significant social fulfillment from actually interacting with people.

One of the most important parts of this is being present and mindful of the moment that you are fortunate to have.  A past version of myself was five sentences ahead, planning my next point in the conversation and not truly listening to what someone was saying.  I was feeling self-important with so much “nothingness” to say.  I missed so much wisdom and insight into who people authentically were; their truth that they were trying to share.  Still, I work to listen as my mindfulness wonders at times. But, even now it is challenging to catch myself.  I talk a lot when I’m nervous.  You know I’m at ease when I look back at you and embrace the once awkward silence with a smile.

Time is precious!!!  Life is ridiculously busy with countless items on our to-do list; which never seems to get any shorter.  Every moment I spend with people is valuable.  You are my friend.  I respect and treasure our relationship.  In that instance of our shared experience, there is no place I’d rather be.

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Michael Brunt

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3 thoughts on “Rather Be

  1. I was reading something this week that was talking about moments like where you are right now. There is a period of your life that is ending but the new phase of life hasn’t started yet. Where you are is precious because it’s a kind of freedom from all the business that you’re talking about you don’t get very often. It’s a freedom from your past and at the same time a freedom from your future. I’m envious. It gets you thinking about all kinds of things.

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  2. […] not as busy as before. I am unemployed after all! There is time to bike ride with my daughter, grab goodbye drinks with friends, enjoy the cottage for a few days, exercise, etc. All activities I have enjoyed in the past but now […]


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