Empty Home

Today is an odd day. I’m drinking my morning coffee and sitting in my favourite chair. Before me, I stare at a pile of furniture stacked in my living room. Soon it will disappear forever. Relieving oneself of most of your possessions is a interesting feeling. It is liberating but at the same time I feel vulnerable and exposed. Do these possessions insulate us and reinforce the stability of our daily routines? I think they do. They do comfort us. However, ready or not, my insulation is being shed.

I reflect upon how empty the house is. Empty rooms. My daughter and dog have moved out. There is a distant familiarity here as I think about this day. This day is Allison’s birthday. Departed nearly three years ago and these memories also seem familiar yet distant. So many happy celebrations with friends and family. So many cherished memories to bring with us as we depart this home. It was a good run! Peace and love

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Michael Brunt

PhD | Science curious | Single dad | Animal lover | Motorcycle enthusiast | Traveller

2 thoughts on “Empty Home

  1. Cherish the memories and go out there and create new ones. Remember this day and know that a new beginning awaits. I will be remembering today with a glass of wine; Allison would be 44 today. ❤️🌻


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