It is an odd feeling to be in between. Last week concluded my tenure as a technician at the University of Guelph. For nearly 20 years I advocated and provided the best life possible for the animals in my care. It defined a significant part of my life and will forever provide a unique perspective that will perpetually guide my decisions. But now, that role has concluded. Ahead is a new path with a journey that has an end that is loosely evident. Yet steps on that path have not begun. I am in between, having left the familiar but not yet departed towards the new – ungrounded. Continue reading “Ungrounded”

Here and Gone

I was speaking with a friend this week and was commanded by an awe inspiring sight to stop.  The view forced me to take a moment and appreciate the sunset that was before me.  The vibrant oranges reflected between the clouds ignited raging flames across the sky.  I felt an appreciation for the beauty of our world, my life, this moment.  The intense glow of a sun fading below the horizon, stirred within me a recognition for the setting of my time in Fergus.  I’ve seen a hundred sunsets here but soon there will be the last.  The last of its time, it will be…


Rather Be

The last several weeks I have been kept busy visiting friends for dinners or meeting colleagues for coffee.  Last weekend some friends hosted a neighbourhood BBQ to celebrate our families shared experiences.  I’m amazingly lucky but also find the juxtaposition of saying good-bye to people a little odd.  Don’t get me wrong it is exciting to be talking about the future, fondly reminiscing about the past but then at the end of the conversation to say, “Well, I guess that’s it.  Thanks for the good times.  See you when I see you again.”  Sure, we have social media but I’m a people person.  I derive significant social fulfillment from actually interacting with people.

Continue reading “Rather Be”

Passion Found

What does it mean when your child finds their passion?  As parents we all have 2, 3, 4 nights a week full of activities for our kids.  We run home from work, quickly get dinner and sprint out the door to sports or music, while hoping not to forget a skate or towel.  Always rushing, feeling like there is never enough time to complete what we need.  We hate it and love it all at the same time in an effort to expose our kids to as many activities as possible.  Ballet, soccer, guitar, swimming, skating, basketball, acro, etc – I’m there!!!  That said, I was overwhelmed last weekend as my daughter demonstrated to me her passion. Continue reading “Passion Found”

Therapy Sold

This week I sold my motorcycle.  Listed for only 4 hours and now forever departed.  I have mixed feelings about it.  Actually, the feelings are not very mixed at all – it sucks!!!  I’ve really enjoyed my time on that KLR650.  Sigh… The last 2 years I’ve spend a profound amount of time riding.  Over 23,000 kilometers of reflective solitude.  Camping in half a dozen Ontario Provincial Parks.  Rapid adventures across 9 states.  Exploring the peaks and valleys though the Adirondack, Green, White and Pocono mountains.  Dipping a tire into the Atlantic Ocean and 3 of the Great Lakes.  I embraced the changing sights, the intense smells and the unplanned freedom to go anywhere the road or trail lead. Continue reading “Therapy Sold”

Do Not Enter

Beak down the barriers.
Go where you feel you are not suppose to venture.
Most importantly, ask the questions people don’t want you to ask.
How can we grow, either individually or as a society, if we do not challenge each other or ourselves through informed discussion?
I’m frightened to break out of my routine.  Nervous to scrape the cobwebs from within my brain.
I’m starting to ask those questions again.  Beginning to entertain more than what is.

Beauty In A Moment

Wow, life is complex!  I keep telling myself I need to simplify my life.  I keep telling myself I want a simple life but evidently I really don’t.  Selling our homeReturning to school.  I’m a complex person with too much baggage to check at the curb.  I never seem to feel one definitive way about anything anymore.  In truth, I normally feel conflicted.  Often simultaneously bombarded by opposing feelings and thoughts. Continue reading “Beauty In A Moment”