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Popular Press:

Talking things out: How institutional transparency could improve animal research

Around five million animals are used annually for scientific or educational purposes in Canada. The use of animals in general, especially for research, can be a divisive issue. August 28, 2022. The Conversation

Canada Sees Rise in Animal Research Numbers in 2016

While the vast majority of Canadian institutions report animal use numbers to the CCAC, it is unclear if the general trend of increasing animal use number is reflective of an actual increase in the number of animals participating in studies or rather that more institutions are participating in the CCAC certification process.  September 27, 2017. Speaking of Research

ALF Claims Responsibility for Arson in Mississauga, Canada

In an anonymous communique the Animal Liberation Front claimed responsibility for the destruction of two trucks owned by Harlan Laboratories. In the early morning of June 7, 2015, incendiary devices were ignited and the trucks were destroyed.  June 15, 2015. Speaking of Research

A Conversation About Beagle Testing

I received an email one morning from James, a Grade 6 student who wanted to know more about beagles used in research and testing for a school project about his passion. James was very curious and quite concerned about the beagles that participated in studies in Canada.  May 27, 2015.  Speaking of Research

Educating Ourselves and the Public – The Toll of Caring

The repeated traumatic emotional loss for laboratory animal science professionals can cause significant health effects, confusing feelings of guilt, burnout and even cause some individuals to leave the profession.  Everyone copes with loss in differing ways but I feel it is most important to support each other at every opportunity.  March 9, 2015.  Speaking of Research

Behaviourists Defend Basic Science

The August issue of the journal Animal Behaviour contained a commentary “Time to step up: defending basic science and animal behaviour.”  August 5, 2014Speaking of Research

Canadians Support Animal Research

Canadians’ support for the use of animals in science doesn’t differentiate when it comes to the purpose of animal use in scientific research and medical testing. That being said, the welfare of the animal is significantly important in determining if the use of that animal is acceptable or unacceptable.  January 6, 2014.  Speaking of Research

Animal Research Saved Both My Dogs

Working together scientists, physicians and veterinarians improve the lives of countless millions of animals and humans around the world.  August 26, 2013.  Speaking of Research

Public Engagement – Time Well Invested

Actively engaging the public can be an intimidating concept for many people and institutions.  The fear of the unknown is daunting.  How will I be received?  What will people ask?  What if I don’t know the answer?  August 9, 2012. Speaking of Research