I Miss Your Blogs

Melina Gillies is a friend that greatly encouraged me to embark upon a literary exploration of self understanding which culminated in my blogs.  It was my primary therapeutic outlet exposing my honest self.  At times funny, exciting and even down right dark while writing my truth.  Each piece was exactly what I needed to express in those moments.  She wrote to me this week and said only, “I miss your blogs.”  It has been nearly 10 weeks since I published my last real reflection.  After nine months of intimate weekly glimpses into my thoughts, some of my readers felt it was a harsh break-up.

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Empty Home

Today is an odd day. I’m drinking my morning coffee and sitting in my favourite chair. Before me, I stare at a pile of furniture stacked in my living room. Soon it will disappear forever. Relieving oneself of most of your possessions is a interesting feeling. It is liberating but at the same time I feel vulnerable and exposed. Do these possessions insulate us and reinforce the stability of our daily routines? I think they do. They do comfort us. However, ready or not, my insulation is being shed. Continue reading “Empty Home”


It is an odd feeling to be in between. Last week concluded my tenure as a technician at the University of Guelph. For nearly 20 years I advocated and provided the best life possible for the animals in my care. It defined a significant part of my life and will forever provide a unique perspective that will perpetually guide my decisions. But now, that role has concluded. Ahead is a new path with a journey that has an end that is loosely evident. Yet steps on that path have not begun. I am in between, having left the familiar but not yet departed towards the new – ungrounded. Continue reading “Ungrounded”

Here and Gone

I was speaking with a friend this week and was commanded by an awe inspiring sight to stop.  The view forced me to take a moment and appreciate the sunset that was before me.  The vibrant oranges reflected between the clouds ignited raging flames across the sky.  I felt an appreciation for the beauty of our world, my life, this moment.  The intense glow of a sun fading below the horizon, stirred within me a recognition for the setting of my time in Fergus.  I’ve seen a hundred sunsets here but soon there will be the last.  The last of its time, it will be…