Six Months and Counting

Reflecting on the last 6 months, draws into perspective how much life can change but paradoxically also stays the same.  I’ve written about travels near and far.  Explored my fascination with people yet my desire at times for solitude.  My daughter and I ventured to Brazil (here and here), road tripped to the Gulf of Mexico and fell in love with camping.  There have been a number of challenges that I’ve shared as I’ve navigated loss, grief and mental fatigue.  On the heels of those challenges, I feel that I found new possibilities, new adventures and even enjoyed drinking some old memories.

This outlet allows me to express myself, communicate thoughts and at the same time force a self-understanding that I know I would avoid.  Most of the time I like me.  However, it is scary to face the darker aspects of yourself and down right terrifying to write about them.  I have changed so much yet remain the same.  Many things will change over the coming months but I feel the things that matter will remain constant.  Remember how I love a good paradox.  Regardless, these last 6 months have been profoundly therapeutic and even a little fun!  Thank you to all that follow my writing and I hope you continue to enjoy it over the next 6 months!!!

Peace and Love

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Michael Brunt

PhD | Science curious | Single dad | Animal lover | Motorcycle enthusiast | Traveller

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