Do Not Enter

Beak down the barriers.
Go where you feel you are not suppose to venture.
Most importantly, ask the questions people don’t want you to ask.
How can we grow, either individually or as a society, if we do not challenge each other or ourselves through informed discussion?
I’m frightened to break out of my routine.  Nervous to scrape the cobwebs from within my brain.
I’m starting to ask those questions again.  Beginning to entertain more than what is.

Published by

Michael Brunt

PhD | Science curious | Single dad | Animal lover | Motorcycle enthusiast | Traveller

One thought on “Do Not Enter

  1. You know I had a whole thing written down here and when I proofed it, it sounded so… I don’t know l not really what I was going for. I do know his, there hasn’t really been anything that has been worth a damn that I’ve done in life that hasn’t scared the crap out of me. But I’m alway glad I let myself be scared.


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